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1 More Balloon is a game created by Chris Hilgert and produced by This game consists of a carnival-styled backround and the player has to shoot either red, blue or yellow balloons. The catch of this game is that most are grey which gives you a negative score plus the colors change every few seconds and the balloons move. The game runs for 120 seconds which gives it a competetive aspect to it and once that time is up the game is over.


When I started playing this game it reminded me of throwing darts at balloons at the carnival, but it ended in disappointment when there was no more levels.

There is not much to say about this game except that this game isn't for serious gamers due to the lack of content, do not get me wrong I like this game but it's for beginners and kids who need to hone their concerntration. The use of colors is amazing especially the colors of the balloons, I did find myself raging at this game many times as the color of the balloon changes almost instantly as I try and click a colored balloon. I did not take much note of the soundtrack.

All up I say this game did have a lot of potential, as in they could of made difficulty levels and different game types but the lack of content and seriousness convinced me to give it a badder rating.

6.5/10 - Lot of potential, but does need some work

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