Age of War

Age of War's Main Menu

Age of War, developed by MAXGAMES is one of the best known flash games. This is because so many people have played it once for a quick distraction, then they got so addicted to it, they kept on going to the website just to play this game. This game is well known and well loved due to its fun gameplay, and its amazing replayability. Age of War is a 2D game where the player takes control of a base that produces units to try do destroy the opponents base, using melee units, projectile units and Larger Units


Age of War Victory

The Victory Screen for Age of War

I enjoyed this game thoroughly but I did find myself soon getting bored of this style of game. Just waiting for your points to build up took too long and i quickly got bored of waiting. The Gameplay was pretty good, but serious gamers will get bored quickly, however for less serious gamers and casual gamers, it will be fun and exciting. But because this a serious website, and I am taking marks off for the predictable and repetitive gameplay. The graphics were pretty

General Gameplay in the first age of Age of War

good but the framerate and animations ruined it, just watching a character bobing up and down while moving across the screen gets annoying to watch. The soundtrack was outdated and did not fit this style of game and really annoyed me. I would definitely reccommend this game to casual gamers, beginners, kids and people posing to be a poser.

7.4/10 - Pretty Good but too repetitive.