Air Dodge is a flight simulator created by and it is a game where you have to navigate your fighter aircraft through a vigorous course of obstacles such as trees, clouds and hot air balloons. You left click to increase your altitude and release to decrease your altitude. The game gets harder and harder as you increase in distance due to the amount of obstacles increasing, when you die you restart the game.

Air Dodge shows simplistic deisgn on their main menu


Air Dodge has been a long awaited flight simulator that brings true seriousness to the game. The moment I started playing I was frustrated with the controls due to the fact that it feels like you're really flying a fighter jet and to be honest, I've never flown a fighter jet before. But then I realised that it's a great game consdiering realism to the game, I showed my serious friends about this game and they were completely in awe with this game.

The thing that didn't go for me was was the graphics, do not get me wrong that this game has good graphics but there was no option to change the graphics or the game. Do not let this critisim ruin this game because all up it's a great game and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in gaming.

The blue shine represents that the user has crashed

All up I have to say that Air Dodge has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to flight simulation due to the realistic controls and how the jet responds to the user commands put into the game, if this game had to be recommended to a particular audience I do have to say that this game probably isn't suited for beginners or kids just yet because I do have to admit that this game isn't easy to master. Great game!