Avata Arena fight

Avata Arena developed by Nickelodeon has been the source of millions of work and school hours being wasted. This game is perfect for a distraction for and economist, an emergency room doctor or a school student. Avata Arena is a simple arcade style fighter based on the hit childrens anime series Avatar: The Last Airbender. You use simple keyboard strokes such as the arrow buttons and the space bar to take control of your chosen character.


While playing Avata Arena i found myself being completely absorbed in it, especially saving up for the Special Ability. The games graphics were good but didnt make me stop and just look in awe at them like other titles such as WInter Rider or Super Racer, so that was a let down for me. The gameplay was fun and enduring for multiple playthroughs, presenting reasonable replayability. The main menu was simple with a tab for high scores, intstructions and to start the game, you then select which bending nation you would like to play as, I played through as an Air bender. Next you customize your characters appearance, I throroughly enjoyed the high amount of customization available, when youve created your champion, you select to go to either training or tournament, as a serious gamer i instictively went to tournament and played the toughest opponent straight up, Nomus. It took me a while but i beat her, and strangely enough for an arcade fighter, i actually enjoyed the fighting. I just didnt find enough difficulty with the game for serious gamers like me.

Again i was a little dissapointed by the sound track but wasnt game ruining.

I would reccommend this to casual gamers, posers and fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but not for serious gamers.

7.4/10 - Very Good