Main menu for the game Fireworks

In the game Fireworks, by the player must click the corresponding detonators according to the color of the firework that is appearing infront of the user, there is also an opportunity where the firework glows and when the player clicks on the detonator bonus points are awarded plus a better opportunity to level up. As the player levels up the difficulty increases and if the player misses the hot spot or even the actual firework too many times it is game over.


Fireworks has been a good game to review, it has a lot of beautiful colors and effects every time I click on the detonator I get a great thrill seeing the beautiful explosion right before my very eyes. I have not seen many games as good as this but however may have some flaws.


Detonating the "hot spot"

The main thing I loved about this game was the beautiful soundtrack that came with it, the soundtrack is the sort of music you would hear at a circus or a carnival so the music it plays really suits with the style of game. I did like that it had a levelling system and a life-point styled system as it gives the game an actual aspect to it. Also the levelling up gives the game a lot of seriousness.

The bad thing about this game is that it is glitchy, I might get the hot spot but it will not register my command and blow up the firework a little bit after which did made me mad because I was on a good streak - being the serious gamer I am. And not to forget this game is pretty much a beginner/kid game.

5/10 - Pretty fun but it's for beginners and kids