Flight, developed by armorgames is a game that simulates a paper aeroplane being thrown by the player. the plane can be
Flight 1

Main menu for flight

upgraded in many different ways including; Model upgrades, light weight, aerodynamic, rudder control, throwing power, fire engine, crane booster, lucky star, green fuel, hurricane, emergency booster, rainbow stars, crane duration and wind detector. As you can see there are ALOT of different upgrades that you can perform on your plane, aswell as quite a few different maps. The aim of the game is to upgrade you plane, to collect stars and cranes for bonus cash, and to just travel as much as your plane can handle. The more you travel the more money you will get.


Flight is a game that provides a great simulation of throwing a paper aeroplane. Yeah.. it sound pretty dull saying it like that but it is so much more than just throwing a plane. You can control your plane with a rudder, give it a boost of speed with the afterburner and collect cranes and shooting stars to gain speed. (cranes give speed
Flight 2

Flying of the plane, collecting stars and cranes

with crane booster upgrade) Once you get high enough, you will encounter jet streams with will dramatically reduce speed, and possibly even stall your plane. There are also achievements
Flight 3

Upgrade menu for flight, alongside achievments.

in the game that give you something to work towards.

Great game 8/10