Infinite Tower RPG, is a role palying game created by Gamejelly. The game consists of
Infinite tower RPG1

Muthafucka Fighting an orc

the user choosing either a knight, paladin, rogue or axeman. The play can upgrade their weapons, to deal more damage, armor, to help reduce damage taken and boots to enhance the players speed. There are 3 different kinds of creatures taht are encountered in the game; Orcs, which deal heavy, yet slow strikes. Skeletonw, which deal light, but agile attacks. FInally there are Dark knights, who are heavily armored.


Infinite Tower RPG is a great game that provides hours of fun. There are so many different ways that you can customise your character, be that an axeman, knight, rogue or paladin. The game's battles are automated, so you do not have any control over what the characte
Infinite tower RPG 2

Level up screen

r does. However, you do have control of what stats you upgrade when you level up, and what equipment to upgrade. I played as a knight, as he is the most balanced out of the lot. You ahve 3 lives, which you are going to end up losing pretty
Infinite tower RPG 3

Main menu

quickly. i ended up getting to floor 210, before dying. i tired to keep my stats balanced and i got quite far in it. As the name suggests, the game just keeps going as there are infinite floors to take you battles on. Despite some limitations, the game provides many hours of fun and i reccommend it to everybody.

Very good 8.5\10

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