Overview Edit

Mind Bender is a game developed by armorgames. It is a game that allows you to move objects through psychic

Mindbender is an interactive game that engages the user.

abilities. The aim of the game is to progress through all the levels, which contain spikes, obstacles and blocks that you can move where ever you please.


Mind Bender is a game that really engages the user and can be quite puzzling. This game was a pleasure to play and the soundtrack to the game was amazing, alongside beautiful sound effects.The Controls in this game feel well polished and it feels really easy to jump from block to block, giving you alot of control over your character. The effects that are used in this game a mind blowing, like when you psychicly move the blocks to try and go over obstacles, the game displays effects that you would not expect to see in a flash game, and once again the sound effects aid to provide a fantastic user experience. The game may not look like much at first, but i had a great time playing it, and i'm sure you would too.