Raiden X 2

Raiden X has a animated, interactive main menu.


Raiden X, created by crazymonkeygames is a flash version of the classic Raiden arcade game. It is a space-invador like game, but much broader than space invadors. There are power-ups, missiles, bombs and upgrades for weapons. There are many different opponents and bosses to keep you going.


Raiden X is a flash port from the all time classic Raiden, which was played in arcades. Crazymonkey did a fantastic job in delivering a modern, renewed version of the classic game.
Raiden X 1

Raiden X requires the user to make quick decisions and to avoid incoming fire.

The game has 3 different weapon types. Fire balls, Blue lazer projectiles and a massive purple energy beam that fires constantly. There are also missiles, homing missles and bombs. The best setup i found was maxed out purple lazer and homing missiles. The graphics in this game are impressive, and competes against Super Racer and Winter Rider . The sound track to the game is original and is of GREAT quality, much like my lenovo netbook. This game provides great sound effects, great graphics, great weapons and upgrades. I highly reccommend it to any serious gamers out there.

9.1/10 - Excellent