Super Racer is a game created by Silly Bulland consists of racing a truck over an 8 stage course, getting harder at each level. A major compent to this game consists of using NOS to boost you up the dunes and mountains to get to your

Main menu for Super Racer

objective. The soundtrack is different for each level but only consists of one repetitive song, there is an option to change from "BEST" graphics to "NORMAL" and "BAD". There are stars to collect in the game to increase your score which has no actual effect on gameplay except competition on the high score rankings or with your friends.


Super Racer is a racing game which has revolutionised the world of high intensity racing games, as being a serious gamer I have to say that this game is absolutley perfect and one of the most highest rated games in the world. Racing through the 8 levels did prove to be a challenge but with a clear mind and swift fingers you too can complete this game, me and a few other serious gamers played this game and I finished first but let me tell you it takes a great deal of concerntration when it comes to a game with a great amount of speed such as this. I also LOVED the soundtrack that came with this game, it's mix of techno and rock makes it a perfect fit as you drive your truck through tough terrain.

The graphics are absolutley stunning but through the first few levels the graphics don't show as much as it does later on as you play through crysis-like graphics. Playing on "BEST" quailty isn't recommended for low - mid end PCs as we found ourselves playing on "BAD" but do not let this mislead you to thinking most people will have to play on "BAD", in my honest opinion I believe that "BAD" quailty looks much better than "BEST" because when you put it on "BAD" it makes a thinner outline of your truck and I believe that's what makes it look better - just so you know the backround is not any different.


Super Racer is a game where you have to go over dunes and mountains

Silly Bull fanboys will love this game due to its originallity and presentation. The way Super Racer portrays it's graphically stunning backround really makes this game an absolute delight to play, I gaurentee you that this game will not disappoint.

10/10 - A Masterpiece, I would give it 11 out of 10 if I could!