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Developed by Chillcade, Winter Rider is a game that consists of a motorbike that has to navigate through a wide variety of obstacles such as vehicles, buildings and logs. There is 15 levels in total, but at the office we found that all of our reviewers ended up playing through the multiple times. The soundtrack is repetitive but of high quality.For the first time you play you have to use the red bike, but once you reach level 9, you get the Blue Bike, which is far superior.


Winter Rider, developed by Chillcade, was way ahead of its time. It revolutionized the world of high intensity racing games, bringing the first truly realistic physics engine, and graphics better than most console games. Winter Rider has 15 tough levels, which continues to surprise even through to the final levels, even ilikeitto Winter Rider VeteransThe first thing that you notice when you play Winter Rider is the unbelievable graphics. Everything looks great in the game, the vehicles, the obstacles, the background and the foreground, it may be 2D but the graphics would easily beat Zelda: Skyward Sword's. When you start the actual game, you notice that the gameplay mechanics are extremely realistic and responsive, not overdone like that of Dune Bashing and Dubai.

Great Graphics and Backdrop in Winter Rider

The soundtrack is unbelievable for a flash game, i am sure that it will fulfill any gamer's pallette. I would reccommend this game to serious gamers and some high end posers as well as Chillcade fanboys, even if they are beginners or kids.


The Red Bike on Winter Rider

10/10 - Masterful

Winter Rider's amazing variety of levels

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