A very simple, distracting but also frustrating game


World's Hardest Game, developed by ArmourGames is a very simple game, in which the player controls a small red square and navigates it through many obstacles including blue dots that when they collide, end the game. Although it is a very simple style of game, many people will find it difficult to stop playing. World's Hardest Game could be a very good distraction, until you get frustrated at a certain level and ragequit.


This game is very simple with 30 levels, we thought that it would be a quick knockover, but after our first go we quickly found ourselves screaming obscenities at the screen. We eventually got through all the levels, but found little reason to replay the game, mainly because we couldnt be bothered, but nonetheless this game offers very limited replayability. The graphics are basic, so basic that a four year old couldve coded it, and the pixelation when we zoomed the game to fullscreen was unbearable.

The Gameplay was alright i guess, for a casual gamer looking for a distraction, but for serious gamers like myself, we felt no value in having played it, we would feel much more accomplished playing a game like SuperRacer. There is no real engine in this game, so commenting on the games physics would be a waste of time, except for the fact that the graphics were so limited that when you came withing four of our pixels of a blue dot, you would die, even though you hadnt actually touched. The soundtrack was terrible and repetitive, we were not amused with the rubbish that tried to play.

4.1/10 - Reasonable